The Right It … I’m not used to giving feedback about a book, but since my exchange with Alberto Savoia I was curious to read his book and discover his content. It is possibly one of the best books I have read about “innovation” and “test and learn”. I’ve already used the term “pretotype” in some Design methods (i.e Design Thinking, Design Sprint …) and I’m very close to Alberto Savoia’s approach or theory.

I want to highlight some of his sentences :

– Failure is the most likely outcome
– Make sure you are building the right it before you build it right
– Think globally, test locally
– Testing now beats testing later
– Think cheap, cheaper, cheapest

and also highlight some of his tools :
– Market Engagement Hypothesis (MEH) and the XYZ format associated
– Hypozoom xyz
– Get Your Own DAta (YODA)
– All the pretotype examples
– The Skin in the game Caliper

And I want to share with you one of the last hard facts that he talks about : “Your only chance for success is to combine competent execution (tied to a future topic we are working on with Virginia Funari and the team Who are we ?) with a product that is The Right It”. Thanks a lot Alberto Savoia for all these greats tools and tricks and I hope we will meet in a near future and maybe collaborate as well 🙂 in Europe.


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